Booth FX wants you to have the freedom to be creative with your photo booth experience, which is why we let you take the lead. Instead of the traditional photo booth where you get inside, Booth FX literally thinks outside the box!

Booth FX is a handcrafted, digital, freestanding photo booth. The booth comes with professional lighting, on-site instant viewing access, and various photo effect options to choose from.

(Please view our rental package infomation for a complete list of features.)

We’ve provided a built-in touch screen at the back of the booth to allow for instant viewing. With the use of a foot pedal remote you and your guest get to decide when the pictures are taken. You can jump, stand, or dance any way you'd like. It's as easy as 1,2,3!

1. Grab some friends and gather in front of the booth.

2. Strike a pose and press the camera trigger pedal as many times as your heart desires.

3. Go to the back of the booth to view your pictures! Get excited! Your professionally edited photos will keep the fun going as we guarantee upload to your event album within 48 hours.

“We wanted to take our love for capturing special moments and give it a modern twist that could change as fast as we do. After many late nights of experimenting with different ideas we came up with Booth FX, a unique photo booth experience ready and waiting to make an appeareance at your next event. We hope you enjoy our photo booth as much as we do."  - Kelley & Allison