At this time we are sad to announce that we must take a temporary hiatus. We are currently finishing up second degrees and given the time between our day jobs and class at night we are unable to give Booth FX the love and care it deserves, and with that our customers the high quality of service they deserve. Our goal is to be back up and running this summer. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. As always, Booth FX believes in the fun spirit of the photo-booth outside-the-box experience, and we appreciate your patronage. Thank you for the good times and great pictures! We look forward to making more summer of 2014. 

Booth FX believes that the photo booth experience no longer needs to be restricted to a small and cramped box, but instead opened up to an instant, exciting, move-any-way-you-want photography celebration. Our handmade booth is ready and waiting to show off all its unique effects and features at your next event!